Movie animals

Kirsi trains and directs her own animals for movies, commercials, videos and other productions.

Hanna movie
Kirsi acted as a handler for Reijo Jääskeläinen’s wolfdogs

Russian Mystery of Ice Queen
Performers: A white wolfdog

Valio advertisement
Performers: reindeer

Codename Farawell
Performers: German Shepherds

Warduna music video
Performers: Wolfdogs

Sampo Marjomaa’s musical video

Midnight Sun, Swedish Crime Series
Performers: wolfdogs

Jack Wolfskin’s TV ad and winter catalog
Performers: wolfdogs

White wall film
Performers: Wolfdogs

Shell Lubricant advertisement
Performer: wolfdog

Visit Finland ad video
Performers: wolfdogs and a dog sled

Hevi Travel
Performers: reindeer

Bayoneta- the last gig
Performers: reindeer

Seasonal nature documentary of the wolf
Performers: wolfdogs

100 Days of Polar Night Magic Visit Finland ad video
Performers: wolfdogs

Also involved in many other productions. Thank you for your interest!