About us

Kirsi Översti and her husband Tuomo Talvinen.

Kirsi has always had dogs and has been an active dog enthusiast. In 2005, she became familiar with sled dogs and in one year she started her own sled dog company. Currently, there are about 70 dogs, most of them Siberian Huskies. Other dogs and animals have shone in film making. Koirakikka operates in Southern Finland, Heinola and around Finnish Lapland.

The company’s sled dogs are pure breed and registered Siberian huskies, and the company is the largest company in southern Finland working exclusively on Siberian huskies. The dogs are also actively used in competitions and have been successful. The dog’s lineage is based on Siberian huskies raised by Kirsi’s teacher and friend, Reijo Jääskeläinen.

In addition to dog feeding, cage cleaning and other shelter work, Kirsi is also an entrepreneur in her cafeteria and restaurant as well as in the catering industry. Tuomo also has a part to play, caring for the sled rides and also working as an entrepreneur in the car and service repair industry. That is why it is important to have friends, family and other help. In addition to Kirsi and Tuomo, you can meet Heidi, Anne, Johanna, Janne, Kirsi’s mother and many others helping at the farm.

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